PAESE | MINERALS | Mineral Highlighter

PAESE | MINERALS | Mineral Highlighter

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A mineral highlighter that subtly illuminates and smooths the complexion. It ensures a long-lasting effect - it does not wear off during the day and is very efficient. It contains natural light-reflecting pearls that provide a radiant finish. You will beautifully accentuate and highlight selected parts of your face or neckline with it.


With 99% of ingredients of natural origin, the product is perfect also for sensitive and problematic complexions. Its formula has been enriched with natural oil extracts of amber and mountain ash root, which soothe and comprehensively care for the skin. Our product has been packaged in a glass jar with a custom-made strainer, which allows you to dispense the right amount of the product. In addition, we covered the strainer with an insert that prevents the product from spilling. With such packaging, the application of the product is very easy.


  • instant illumination
  • radiant and youthful look
  • visual smoothing
  • long-lasting effect - does not wear off during the day
  • perfect blending due to its ultralight formula
  • Amethyst - a natural mineral with positive energetic properties was the inspiration for our mineral highlighter. This stone cleanses and calms, bringing you to a real state of relaxation and harmony. Treat yourself with a radiant and relaxed complexion and get youthful-looking skin all day long with our MINERAL HIGHLIGHTER.